Full Throttle Experience

Full Throttle Experience is a leaderprenuership conference experience for all leaders whether in business, ministry, corporate or entrepreneurship. This 4-day live experiential learning event will change your life in so many ways.

3-Day Marketplace Ministry Impartation Experience

Anointed For Business is an edgy, relevant, cutting-edge faith-based business conference created and hosted by Delatorro McNeal, II.

It’s a 3-Day Marketplace Ministry Impartation Experience designed to create an empowering, motivating, thought-provoking, action-orientated and collaborative environment where Christian business owners and entrepreneurs from across the country can come together and support one-another and grow.

The goal is Anointed for Business is to teach attendees exactly how to get crystal clear about their God assignment, learn relevant and result-oriented strategies for monetizing their God assignment in the marketplace and instill evangelical tools within the attendees that equip them to be most effective with their marketplace anointing.

Anointed For Business is for High-Achieving Christians who are tired of “church as usual” and are ready for RADICAL TRANSFORMATION. AFB is for any and all business-minded, goal-oriented, and mission-driven saints who want nothing less than God’s best for their lives and careers. AFB is for marketplace believers who believe in personal growth and professional development outside the 4 walls of the traditional church structure.