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8 Reasons to Stop Shopping and Book Delatorro Today!

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    High Energy

    Your audience will be enthralled by Delatorro’s Passion

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    High Sincerity

    Everything Delatorro says comes from the heart

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    High Social Sharing

    Delatorro is one of the most tweetable speakers in America

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    High Content

    Your audience will take TONS of actionable notes

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    High Originality

    Delatorro’s presentation style and content is as unique as his name

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    High Interaction

    Your audience will co-create with Delatorro as they participate in the presentation

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    High Relevance

    Delatorro will NAIL your conference theme and have the entire audience OWNing the message

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    High ROI

    Your bottom-line result is Delatorro’s bottom-line goal. Period.

Book Delatorro for Your Corporation, Conference or Non-profit

When you book Delatorro, you can relax knowing that you are dealing with a true professional that will arrive early, greet your audience in advance, customize the presentation for maximum ROI, and deliver an outstanding experience that your audience will rave about long after the event is over.


  1. LCD projector and screen
  2. FlipChart with papers and markers (For audiences of less than 100)
  3. A wireless lavalier mic
  4. 1/8 audio input jack (Headphone Jack) so Delatorro can patch into house sound
  5. Room temperature water (2 Bottles)
  6. 6-foot skirted product table placed in high-traffic area
  7. A personal assistant affiliated with your organization



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Delatorro McNeal
Delatorro McNeal
Delatorro McNeal
Delatorro McNeal

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100% of Delatorro’s transformational presentations are ACTIVE LEARNING. Click the button below to read his presentation topics to get an idea of which one may be the right fit for you. Delatorro can also customize any presentation for your event.

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