Raving Reviews

Raving Reviews

Delatorro brought his lessons to us where everybody came with a leadership voice, came with a lot of energy and we really worked together as a team through his exercises and through his speeches and so it really really encouraged all of us to be together as one team. So thank you Delatorro for all of yor leadership help and helping us to have a leadership voice in our team. Thanks again!

Janis Smith-Gomez

VP Marketing – Ethicon Inc. (Johnson & Johnson)

Johnson and Johnson

Delatorro exploded our conference! People raved about him the entire conference and they missed him when he left. He made me look like a rockstar for booking him. Our executive board was BLOWN AWAY by Delatorro. He was super easy to work with and EVERYONE wants him back next year… there are no words to describe what he did for our statewide conference…You have to experience it for yourself. Book him today.

Rosilyn Edwards Dickerson, MSHRMD, PHR, CLRP

Executive Board – FPELRA Conference


We’ve brought Delatorro into New York Life many times to empower, motivate and inspire our staff and leadership. Each and every time we do, Delatorro hits a home run for us. His content is always fresh, relevant, timely, and life-changing. We consistently expose our employees to Delatorro’s Platinum Performance strategies because we know that an encounter with Delatorro changes lives.

Darrell Robertson

Vice President – New York Life

New York Life

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Delatorro McNeal is simply one of the best developers of Human Potential that there is today. I’ve attended many conferences with Delatorro and witnessed with my own eyes the countless lives that are radically changed by his profound content and sincere passion to help business professionals top themselves consistently. We’ve brought Delatorro into our company repeatedly to impact our inside and outside sales staff, and Delatorro delivers!

H John Mejia

Partner – Capital Marketing Concepts

Capital Marketing Concepts

We hired Delatorro to keynote our Annual Leadership Conference. WOW! Delatorro’s We Are One Team program was a big surprise to everyone at our conference. It was the talk of our conference that year. It was refreshing, energizing, and extremely unique. It was fantastic team building that we needed and we are so grateful to have had Delatorro speak at our conference.

Rick Irwin

CEO – IntegraCare


Delatorro hit a GRAND SLAM for our Sales Team at The Tampa Bay Rays. We brought Delatorro in to train our inside Sales Staff on Leadership, Team Building, and Personal Growth and it was outstanding! Delatorro’s presentation was extremely content-rich and also very interactive. Everyone was involved from start to finish and we got a tremendous amount of value out of having Delatorro.

Brian Richeson

Vice President, Sales and Service – Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay Rays

Delatorro TORE DOWN THE HOUSE. Oh my gosh! We’ve hired Delatorro twice to keynote our annual Sales Conference and each time, Delatorro brings the FIRE to our conference and wows everyone. EVERYONE is requesting him back next year! If you’ve never brought Delatorro into one of your conferences you’re missing out big time! Your mindset and your goals will be expanded as never before when you hire Delatorro.

Traci Bild

CEO – Bild & Company

Bild & Company