I hope you gained a lot of value from my last post and realized the 3 subconscious questions that are holding you back from your greatness, if not you can read that article here.

This week I would like to shift gears and discuss, “taboo talk”…

As successful as we High Achievers are, we struggle IN SECRET in many areas. Areas that we don’t like to talk about. Areas that we would rather leave unaddressed. Areas that we mask by being super productive in other areas. Well, I am currently writing about all of these areas in my new book coming out late 2016 called Performance Beyond Gold, but in the meantime, the video below will expose 5 Secret Struggles that we wrestle with. You know it’s hard to get called out, but in truth it can feel amazing to get called out because at least you feel like somebody finally GETS and UNDERSTANDS you!

Now in this new video GET READY because you’re about to be EXPOSED! Yep. I’m calling YOU OUT!

The truth is we as high achievers are forced to play hurt, we have to lead while we bleed. We don’t get a chance to take a time out so we often times mask how we’re really feeling and how we’re really doing for the sake of achieving, striving, and making stuff happen. We only open up if we’re around other high achievers and around other people that we trust full out. That’s one of the reasons why you’ve got to be at Full Throttle because you’re around nothing but an entire room full of 300 amazing high achievers from all around the world who want the same thing, to live life full out!

One of the things that I’ve learned and I’ve observed my friend is that there are five struggles…and the reason why I call this taboo talk is because there are five secret struggles that all high achievers have and we have to learn how to live with these things. I used to play football, but you probably can’t tell… I was a tailback, and when you get an injury you sit out for a few plays and then they strap you back up, bandage you up, and throw you back into the game with an injury.

I believe all high achievers have to play every day with certain injuries, certain struggles that we kind of have to live with; but one of the things I want to encourage you to do is take the time to heal effectively and heal correctly from the injuries that success, achievement, fulfillment, striving, and more cause. All of those amazing things that we accomplish and achieve in our careers, in our work life, in our businesses, in our communities, and in our families are amazing things. However, they do come at a price, there’s a price for everything. There’s a price for success, there’s a price for failure. Even our successes have come at some cost, some expense, and some of those expenses are these five struggles that we have as high achievers and it takes a high achiever to speak into the life of a high achiever. I’m writing my seventh book right now, it’s called “Performance Beyond Goal – Be Your Best, Better Your Best, and Bring the Best Out of Those You Lead.” It’s going to be coming out later on this year and I’m really really excited about that.

One of the things that we’re uncovering in that book is this whole conversation of taboo talk, so we’re going to have it now. I want to talk to you about these five struggles that we all deal with, and I hope you enjoyed Video Number One and Video Number Two, and now we’re on Video Number Three. So let’s get right into these five struggles, get your pen and paper and let’s get these down.

#1 Stress

The first struggle that we all deal with as high achievers is stress. I like to call it the stress lie. And here’s why I call it the stress lie, when you ask most high achievers how you’re doing, “Oh I’m stressed.”

“What’s going on?”

“Oh I’m stressed.” And we tend to use the word ‘stressed,’ and Tony Robbins taught me (I’m in his highest level Mastermind Program right now) that stress is a code word for fear. Hmmm….Something to think about… He said stress to a high achiever is a code word for fear. So in other words if you say “Hey I’m stressed, I have a presentation in two hours, I’m stressed about it.” No, you’re not stressed about it, you’re really afraid of how it’s going to go.

“Oh man I’ve got that event coming up this weekend and I’m a little stressed about it.” No you’re not stressed, you’re really afraid that people might not show up. You’re afraid how you’re going to do, afraid if you’re going to sell, and so on. So he calls stress a code word or blanket emotion that we put over fear. I want to encourage you to be really vulnerable and open up, and the best way to deal with fear is to confront fear, and the best way to confront fear is to acknowledge your faith. And I’ve got to be honest with you, I have the most amazing teacher on the planet who teaches us how to overcome fear and she comes every year to the Full Throttle Experience, so it’s an incredible time that we have and we learn how to live fearlessly. It’s an amazing experience. You can attend FTX 2016 simply by registering here, seats are filling up fast so you should take advantage of the opportunity today.

The first hidden struggle that we have is stress and we’ve got to learn how to work on overcoming that stress and live a more stress-free life by creating more balance in our lives. We have to avoid the things that create stress and distraction in our day-to-day routine. We’re going to teach you how to do that; we’re going to teach you how to get way more done but also how to have way more fun as well. There’s nothing wrong with achieving and being productive, the challenge my friend comes in when it’s costing you so much on the stress side. And if you’re stressed, your body is stressed, your organs are stressed, your digestive system is stressed, your respiratory system is stressed and all those things do not work to give you the physiology that you need in order to be a high achiever and a peak performer. So the first secret struggle that we deal with is extensive and tremendous amounts of stress, so you need to come and be in an environment where we can help you to de-stress, to woosaa, and get back into having fun; getting things done but having a massive amount of fun as you do it, that’s really what it’s all about.

I only covered one aspect in this article, to learn the other 4 just watch the video below:

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