I am truly convinced that no matter what we do for work, we all want more of one thing. Happiness! Yes…but that’s not what I am talking about. The truth is we all want more MONEY! The green stuff. Cash. Dinero. Cheddar. Lute. Currency. Paper. Right? We all want more money. However, while we all want more money, what I’ve learned after many years of speaking, coaching, teaching, training and advising High Achievers is that we are all Creatures of Habit. Given the longitude we will take the path of least resistance. And when I sit down with business professionals and entrepreneurs alike, I always ask them about the 3 Predictors that I am going to reveal to you below in a video. And without fail, 9 times out of 10 if a person is not where they want to be in terms of their income one, two or ALL of these areas is the culprit.

Watch video #1 in my 7-Part Series on Destination Acceleration. This content is worth thousands of dollars! WATCH, ENJOY, RE-WATCH, TAKE NOTES, APPLY YOUR NOTES, COMMENT AND SHARE! Let’s rock!