Do you know what it takes to stop living the default life of having a job and instead live your dream life by purposeful and powerful design?

I believe that your dream is bigger than your job. I believe that you are put here for more than drinking up all the water, sucking up all the air and eating up all the food. I believe that there’s something amazing that God brought you to this earth to do. And guess what? You have a limited time. You have a limited window to make that thing happen and to manifest that which He’s given you!

Maybe you’re caught between your paycheck and your promise. You’re caught between your destiny and your daily routine, the thing that pays the bills and the thing that pays the future.

I can probably assume a few things about you. You go to work every single day and you get that thing, that little knowing in the pit of your stomach that says, “I’m supposed to be doing something more purposeful, powerful, and profitable with my life, my gifts, my talents, my abilities, and my skills”.

Make sure to read this article to the very end because I will give you some concrete steps that will enable you to live your dream life.

I’ve had the chance to go all around the world, helping people find what they love to do. I believe that you are meant to do what you love to do, and to do it so well that people pay you for it.

If you were a cat I would want you to get paid to meow. If you were a dog I would want you to get paid for barking. If you were a snake I would want you to get paid to slither. Since you are not any of these things I want you to get paid to do what you love doing and what comes naturally to you.

To sum it up, you should do what is innately in you to do. You must solve a problem on this Earth and you will get a chance to bless people with the problem that you solve and get a check at the same time.

One of the things that will help you to do what you love is to focus on discovering what type of purpose person you are.

We’re going to do a quick inventory to see where you’re at in terms of purpose and then once we’re clear about the Purpose Person that you are, we are going to go ahead and jump over into some misconceptions about your purpose and clear those things up so we can take you to the next level.


1.   UNCONSCIOUSLY UNPURPOSED. Are you someone who knows not and knows that you know not but think and act like you know?

Now that’s a FOOL. Please do not be in that place. And if you are in that place, I’m so thankful that you’re reading this because scripture reminds us that “If any man or woman lacks knowledge, let he or she ask God for it who will give it to them liberally without reproach”. So you are getting wisdom right now. You don’t want to be this type of Purpose Person.

2.   CONSCIOUSLY UNPURPOSED. He or she that knows that they know not.

You know that there’s a principle called PURPOSE. You realize that you’re not operating in yours. You are CONSCIOUSLY UNPURPOSED. You are aware that you are not living in your gift. You are aware that you are not living in your talent. You are aware that you are not living in your ideal place, your ideal Garden of Eden that God created just for you to live in, to have, to rule and to reign, to have dominion, to kick butt and take names.

3.   UNCONSCIOUSLY PURPOSED. He or she that knows not that they know.

Have you ever known a person who has amazing gifts and talents but they themselves do not see it and everyone else around them does? It’s like everybody around them sees how gifted, anointed, destined, and purposed they are, but them. That’s the Unconsciously Purposed. You don’t realize that you’ve already found what you’re looking for.

I love something President Obama said, “We are who we’ve been searching for.”

And if you would come to yourself, and if you would let scales fall from your own eyes you would realize that you don’t have to be like grasshoppers in your own eyes, but you can only be incredible if you’ll see yourself as incredible.

Every single day you should see yourself as awesome and brilliant. Every single day you should look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I like myself”, “I love myself”, “and I’m fearfully and wonderfully made”. Why? Because according to Peak Performance, You Will Never Be Able to Outperform Your Own Self-Concept.

You have to believe enough in yourself! Especially in the body of Christ, the biggest self-esteem issues I see is not in the world, but in the body of Christ, the problem is we believe wrong. We believe all the stuff we’ve read, we believe in God but the problem is we don’t believe in US!

You have to believe in whom God made you to be. You have to believe that you’re fearfully and wonderfully made. You have to believe that you are awesome sauce. You have to believe that you are the

God didn’t make any junk. You are incredible! When he made you He broke the mold. It was done. He gave you one unique fingerprint out of seven billion people on the planet. You are incredible! Believe that! Know that! You may have heard it before but do you really believe it? Do you know it? You have to know how incredible you are!

4.   CONSCIOUSLY PURPOSED. Are the people that know that they know that they know.

When you know what God has put you on this earth to do, what he has assigned you to do, and what your gifts and talents are, you walk in confidence. You walk in boldness!

The scripture reminds us “Cast not away your confidence”. You’ve got to have confidence and belief in yourself. And if you don’t have your own confidence then you will have to look upward and tap into who God is and believe in the God-fidence as to who He says you are.

When you do that you can be a CONSCIOUSLY PURPOSED individual. You can kick butt and take names and you can go after things that God’s put in inside your heart.

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