If you have not read my previous article on the 5 secret struggles of High Achievers you should definitely do that and then come back and read this post. In that article I talk about the five secret struggles of all high achievers.

The Full Throttle Experience is coming up October 26th through the 30th in downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida its going to be a transformational four-day experience, and if you’ve been getting transformed through these articles and videos, trust me, this is just a mozzarella cheese, this is just an appetizer to the main course of that incredible conference experience that we want you to be at. Our theme this year is Destination Acceleration. The last few years have been tough, they’ve been challenging for a lot of people, but interestingly enough I really believe that if we’re going to kind of get back some of things that we’ve lost over the years it’s vitally important that we accelerate and speed up. If you haven’t registered its not too late you can register here:

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As we talk about this whole conversation and what it means to experience accelerated growth, accelerated learning, we get a chance to talk now in this article about the four Rs of accelerated goal achievement.

I ask people all around the world in my Keynotes and seminars, “How many of you want to do more, be more, achieve more, love more, give more, serve more? How many of you want more?” Everybody’s hands go up all over the world.

So everybody wants more and we all want to achieve our goals, what I find interesting though is that most people want to achieve their goals faster. If I was to ask you would you like to lose weight slow or fast, you want it faster. If I was to ask you if you could land your ideal book of business slower or faster, you want faster. Land that dream home slower or faster, you’d want it faster. Be forgiven for a mistake you made slow or fast, you’re going to want it faster. If you could take your dream vacation slow or fast, you’d want it faster. The majority of things that we want in our life we want them faster.

So for the purpose of this conversation I really believe it’s important that we talk about the four Rs of accelerated goal achievement, cause the truth is you all, we all want big goals but the honest thing is we want to get them faster because we want to compete with this rapid marketplace that we live in, and the truth is I believe it’s important that if we want to compete we have to leverage these four Rs to do so. So I want you to get your pen and paper out and I want you to write down the four Rs of accelerated goal achievement.

The first R is this: If you want to get to your goals and not just be a goal setter but a goal getter, the first thing you’ve got to do is you’ve got to have reasons. Reasons.

Before you tell me what you want I need you to tell me why you want it. Your reasons are your meat. Your reasons are your bread. Your reasons are your protein. Your reasons are your carbs. Your reasons are the things that supply you with the fuel that you need. Your reasons are your Omega Three, Six and Nine; your reason is what fuels you; your reasons. When the why is strong enough the what doesn’t matter and the how shows up.The reason why that happens is because you have strong compelling reasons.

Do you want to drop a few pounds, what are your reasons? Your reasons have to outweigh the actual diet or the actual exercise. Your reasons for why you want to get promoted have to outweigh the steps you’re going to get promoted. The reasons for why you want to become a six and seven-figure entrepreneur have to outweigh the actual methodology to do it because the truth is that how-tos are not enough. How-tos are not enough. Every single bookstore has got tons of books on how to be skinny, rich, and happy, so if how-tos were enough we’d all be skinny, rich, and happy.

It doesn’t matter the how-to, if you do not bring the right psychology to the methodology there’s no way that you can create success. As I have mentioned the first key to accelerated goal achievement is that you have to have strong compelling, rock- solid reasons for why you want what you want. For every goal that you write down, give me five reasons why you must achieve it, not should achieve it, not ought to achieve it. People say, “I should do this…I should do this…I ought to do this…I ought to do that…I should do this…I should do that…” and we should all over ourselves, right? I want to encourage you to make every goal a must, make every goal something that you must do, not something that you need to do or your should do, you’ve got to make it a priority and you’ve got to have some compelling reasons why. That’s the first R.

The second R is you need the resources. I want you to go on a scavenger hunt for resources, anything that you can get your hands on that will help you to achieve that goal, anything that you can get your hands on, any book material, any CDs, any formulas, any methodologies, any frameworks, any resources. We often say this “Oh we don’t have enough resources…we don’t have enough resources,” I work with Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 corporations, everybody complains about resources but the truth is, the problem is never resources, it’s always resourcefulness, how do you use what you have.

One of the things that we do at the Full Throttle Experience is we break you up into teams and groups and there’s no tables and no chairs and we’re giving everybody this exercise and in the exercise every team has the exact same resources, but at the end only one team is the victor because of what they’re able to construct in a certain amount of time, and with everybody in the room having the same resources, it’s a microcosm for the real world. We’ve all got the same Internet, we’ve all got the same stuff, we’ve all got libraries, we’ve all got access to Google, we’ve got access to so many things. We’ve got the same smartphones, same stuff, same things, but how comes some people build empires and other people build anthills?

The problem is not resources, it’s resourcefulness. How do you use what you have? What do you have that you’re discounting in your house? What do you have that you’re discounting? We’re going to show you how to assemble all those resources together and help you understand that you got so much more in you than you realize. And once you’ve assembled everything from around you then you’ve got to do the second thing and assemble what’s inside you because I believe that greater is what’s on the inside of you than anything that you can buy in your house because what’s inside of you is fortitude, fight, grit, hustle, determination, resolve, bouncebackability, and that’s what you need in order to take it on to the next level my friend.

So the first thing you need, the first R is reason; the second thing that you need is resources; the third thing you need is rewards. You’ve got to have fun, you got to throw a party, you got to whoohoo right; I want you to watch the video below to get more info on the third R and the fourth R…