The 3 Predictors of Your Income Growth

I am truly convinced that no matter what we do for work, we all want more of one thing. Happiness! Yes…but that’s not what I am talking about. The truth is we all want more MONEY! The green stuff. Cash. Dinero. Cheddar. Lute. Currency. Paper. Right? We all want more money. However, while we all…read More

The Power of Clarity and Purpose

One of the most significant strategies and secrets of master communicators is those master communicators are purpose driven, clear communicators. They are purpose driven, clear communicators. Master communicators understand the purpose of their communication. They understand the purpose of why they’re saying what they’re saying, why they’re doing what they’re doing, why they’re selling what…read More

Your Body Is Telling On You: How To Master Your Non Verbal Communication Skills

Over 90% of communication, as a whole, is non-verbal. Depending on who you study, what statistics you’ve read, or how much information you’ve read about this field of communication, anywhere between 90 to 93% of this whole umbrella of communication is non-verbal. Master communicators understand that non-verbal communication is the most powerful aspect of communication…read More

It’s Halftime!!!

It’s Halftime!!! School is officially out, cruiselines are more booked now than ever, international travel it at its peak, winter clothes are packed away and shorts are the new business casual. It’s Summertime. Let me ask you one powerful question? How was the first half of your 2017? When you started this year you set…read More

The 4 Types of Purpose Persons

Do you know what it takes to stop living the default life of having a job and instead live your dream life by purposeful and powerful design? I believe that your dream is bigger than your job. I believe that you are put here for more than drinking up all the water, sucking up all…read More

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